Process for asking Rules or Mechanics Questions

In order to ask a rules or mechanics question we ask members to follow these procedures. Note you must be logged into and an active member. 1. Go to the NILOA website and go to the Forum Page and research if your question has ever been asked before. 2. If a specific concern or question does not appear, submit your question on the Forum. This accomplishes two things:

a. It prevents the same question being asked more than once.

b. It preserves the answer to be looked up in the future.

3. That question is then reviewed by NILOA Forum Committee, led by Tom Sutton Director of Development. On that Committee is the NCAA Officials Liaison to the Rules Committee who is Brian Abbott. Brian attends the National Rules meeting and has firsthand knowledge of the Committee’s goals. We find that 95% of all questions asked can be answered from existing information in the rulebook or in existing NCAA memorandum. 4. If it determined that clarification is needed, at that time Brian will contact Tom Abbott for his analysis and judgment. 5. If an interpretation is needed on any new or existing playing rule, the request must be made to the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Secretary-Rules Editor, Willie Scroggs. Rob Randall, the chair of the rules committee, and if necessary, the full committee may be included in any discussion and/or decision. The NILOA representative to the rules committee may be included in this process, but it is not required. 6. If an interpretation is needed by the NCAA Rules Committee do not expect an immediate turn around response. If your rules or mechanics question has been sent to Tom Abbott for his judgment we will post on the forum – your question has been forwarded to the NCAA NCO. 7. If a NEW ruling is made it will be published by the NCAA Rules Committee! *Tom Abbott, NCAA National Coordinator of Officials (NCO) is involved with the process every step of the way, including the response, specifically when questions are repeated multiple times.

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