One major piece of NILOA's mission is to enhance the level of officiating of its membership. Through our Coordinator of Training, NILOA will conduct clinics throughout the country.

Hans Wittelsberger  NILOA Coordinator  of Training

These clinics will be observed by members of the  Training team, and will issue instant feedback to officials. In addition, information regarding those clinics will be provided to assignors throughout the country who interact with those who participate.

As events take place, photos and information from those events will be posted here!

If you wish to participate in a training event, contact your District Governor.

Training Schedule

If officials are interested in attending they must contact their District Governor.

Upcoming Events

1. Vail Tournament - Vail, CO

2. Ohio State University - Columbus, OH

3. Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy- Baltimore, MD

4. Lake Placid - Lake Placid, NY

5. Headstrong Hofstra University - Long Island, NY

6 - Headstrong University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA

7 - Headstrong Lafayette - Easton, PA

8 - University of Tampa Training - Tampa, FL