David Pinciaro, NILOA Treasurer

David Pinciaro, NILOA Treasurer

Dave Pinciaro, SecretaryName:
David Pinciaro

NILOA Treasurer

NILOA District:

Beverly, MA

Officiating Experience:
24 years overall – 22 post high school

2016 MLL championship official
2014 Division III NCAA Final referee
2012 Division I Semifinal
2011 Division I Championship Game official
2008 Division II Championship Game official
Officiated10 Massachusetts State High School Championship Games
Officiated the 2006 FIL World Championships

Dave’s Vision:
“My goal is to give proper representation of NILOA’s financial status, tax filings and budgeting, using the proper, not-for-profit accounting principles.”

Dave has been married for 28 years, and has two children: his daughter, Gina, played tennis and graduated from Endicott College and his Nick 23 who was a four year lacrosse starter and senior all American at Endicott College