2021 Training Presentations

As we prepare for the spring lacrosse season, the NILOA board has decided to hold a series of Directors Calls on particular topics.  Delivery method will be similar to last year with the assistance of USL and the conference line. The presentations will be a combination of live sessions as well as taped presentations, and will feature a variety of NILOA members presenting.   Notifications and registration links for the calls will be sent by email.

All presentations will be posted to Documents Hub.  

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Weekly Topics

January 21 NILOA COVID protocols – Joe Cronin

January 28 Simultaneous Fouls – Do you Really Know It? – Keith Glock

February 4 The Crease – Brian Abbott

February 11 Let’s get it Started: The Face Off – Mark McInnis

February 18 Timeout – Rest Time: No Dead Ball Officiating – Doug Donavan and PJ Calello

February 25 You Make the call: High Hits – Rob Gross

March 4 So you want to be the Referee: Roles and Responsibilities of the Referee – Walt Munze

March 11 Communication with Coaches - Tom Sutton

March 18 Standardize Your Pregame - Jody Ticer

March 25 Are We in the Right Place: Clearing Count and Shot Clock Mechanics– Greg Hite

April 1 Are we in the right place” Restart Mechanics – Ian Beed

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