Kevin O’Leary Named Director of Observations

Executive Director Kevin O'Leary

The NILOA Executive Board, and the MLAXOG NDOS, Tom Abbott, are proud to announce Kevin O’Leary as the Director of Observations for Division I Men’s Lacrosse.  As Executive Director, Kevin has developed relationships with all those involved in our sport, officials, coaches, assignors and conferences, which made him the ideal candidate.

Given the nature of this responsibility the NILOA Board has chosen to absorb the Director of Observations into the duties of the NILOA Executive Director.  To fulfill these responsibilities Kevin has decided to step away from his on field officiating duties.
Kevin will also manage the Division II and Division III observation program.  Having the Director of Observations oversee all three Divisions will allow greater continuity for officials.  He has been tasked with the responsibility to communicate with all parties, to insure that the NILOA member observed receives a copy of any observation paid for with NILOA funds, and to assist officials with their professional development.

Please welcome Kevin O’Leary into this new role as he continues to serve the members of NILOA.

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