Recap: 2018 NILOA Training Events

NILOA Coordinator of Training, Hans Wittelsberger.

NILOA's mission is to enhance the level of officiating of our membership. In order to accomplish this task in 2018 NILOA held five training events throughout the country.

Members who participate in these events were observed by an experienced team of veteran officials, led by NILOA Coordinator of Training, Hans Wittelsberger.

Each year NILOA plans to conduct multiple clinics in locations throughout the country  in order to provide feedback to each official and allow them to improve their craft.

All information regarding these clinics is provided to assignors and posted to the NILOA Training page. If you wish to participate in a training event, contact your District Governor.

Here is a recap of our 2018 Events:

Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy

NILO, in partnership with Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy, held a training event July 25-27, 2018. Fourteen NILOA officials attend the event from various districts.

This event was a great success from the standpoint of both NILOA and Inside Lacrosse.

Officials in attendance were Jake Shaw, Anthony Bocchiccio, Dan Belk, Dan Miles, Jurian Kratz, Tyrone Fisher, Tom Ferrell, Dan Bennett, Sean Tobin, Michael Doyle, Steve Elias, Clyde Allen, Shawn Tyrell, and Nitin Rao. Brian Abbott, Buzz Lynn, and  Scott Rayburn served as evaluators for the event.

Inside Lacrosse Midnight Mania 

This September, four NILOA officials worked several games at the Inside Lacrosse Midnight Mania event at the University of Delaware.  This was another event that NILOA partnered with Inside Lacrosse.  The officials did a great job despite the rainy weather and the early hours of the event. Jeremy Eldred, Trey Gelston, Kalen Kearcher, and Jimmy Barraclough participated and Jason Parks served as evaluator.

HEADstrong at Hofstra University

This year, NILOA continued its relationship with the HEADStrong Foundation. On Saturday, October 13, 2018, NILOA working with the NCAA sent nine officials representing Districts 1 through 9 to the HEADstrong event at Hofstra University.  Bob Schwalb, Tom Abbott, and Buzz Lynn served as evaluators. Great work men!

There were officials represented from Districts 1 through 9.  Evaluators- Bob Schwalb, Tom Abbott and Buzz Lynn.

Head Strong at University of Albany

Tom Sutton and Walt Munze served as evaluators.

Officials L to R: Bill Doherty, Mike Graziano, Jason Neely, Nate Rinfret, Kevin Dougherty, Chad Reese.

NILOA officials pose with Pat and Cheryl Colleluori, parents of Headstrong founder Nic Colleluori, who passed away in 2006.

HEADstrong at University of Pennsylvania

On Sunday, October 21, 2018 the third HEADstrong event took place at the University of Pennsylvania.  The officials that attended were Matt White, Taylor Ebsary, Ray Burow, Jeff Hoffman, Dan Belk, Kyle Nives, Dan Bennett, Jamie McNeal,  Thomas Grieg, Brady Ollier, Scott Rogowski and Jim Read. Buzz Lynn, Brian Abbott ,and Tom Abbott served as evaluators.

NILOA fficials Matt White, Taylor Ebsary, Ray Burow, Jeff Hoffman, Dan Belk, Kyle Nives, Dan Bennett, Jamie McNeal, Thomas Grieg, Brady Ollier, Scott Rogowski and Jim Read.

Inside Lacrosse Prospect Day

On Saturday, October 27, 2018, NILOA sent nine officials to work the Inside Lacrosse Prospect Day in Elkridge, Maryland. Officials- Chris Adams, Craig Brocious, Jim Canby, Douglas Dickson, Gordon Corsetti, Greg Bulger, Brian Young, Fred McCarrick and Michael Myslinski. Brian Abbott, Jason Parks, and Scott Rayburn all served as evaluators.

University of Tampa Showcase

On October 28, 2018, NILOA sent 17 officials to work the University of Tampa Showcase.  This was an excellent opportunity to work some Division II lacrosse.

NILOA Officials that participated: Clint Carter, J.C. Craven, Peter DellaVecchia, J.P. Politano, Brody Sauers, Craig Smith, Dave Wetzel, Mike Doyle, Danny Dlugozima, Sr., Dan Dlugozima, Jr., Edward Giambalvo, Tom Leahey, Ryan Fitzgibbons, Tony Collette, Aaron West, Carl Erickson, Ed Feaster. Brian Abbott, Walt Munze, Kevin O'Leary, Bob Pradella and Hans Wittelsberger served as evaluators.

Participants at the 2018 Tampa Showcase.

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