JD Doyle – MCLA At-Large

JD Doyle - MCLA At-Large

JD Doyle

MCLA At-Large

NILOA District:

Denver, CO

Officiating Experience:
18 years overall – 15 post high school

Officiated the NCAA Division 1 and Division 3 Tournament
Officiated the MCLA Championships
He is an MLL Crew Chief
Officiated playoff games in the MLL and NLL
Officiated High School Championship games

JD’s Vision:
“I would like to foster continued collaboration between the MCLA and NILOA to work toward providing the best officiating product on the field that we can. We will accomplish this via the interchange and observation programs. We have established an excellent relationship between the MCLA and NILOA and I look forward to continuing it. I will use my ability garnered from my real estate career to negotiate with the MCLA to continue our outstanding relationship.”

After college, JD taught at an inter-city program with at-risk youth for two years. He has found a passion for teaching that carries over to his current business of real estate and lacrosse officiating. He wants to educated those around him and help them find the pieces of the puzzle to accomplish their goals. This also helps in what he sees as his most important role - being a dad. JD is a member of the Colorado Lacrosse Hall of Fame.