2022 MCLA Championships

The 2022 MCLA National Championships Presented by New Balance Lacrosse was held May 9-14, 2022 at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex in Round Rock, Texas. Thirty-two teams competed in two divisions. South Carolina defeated Georgia Tech 11-9, defending its title as the Division I champion. In Division II, Utah defeated Rhode Island 13-7 to secure its first title.

Officials from several districts came together to officiate the tournament. These officials worked extremely hard despite the hot temperatures.

This was an exciting tournament which highlighted the growth of the sport and the quality of MCLA lacrosse.

Non-Texas Officials

• Carlos Boyd
• Edward Carr
• Steve Fafoutis
• Thomas Greig
• Tom Hoffert
• Jeremy Johnson
• Lawrence Johnston
• Grey Keiser
• Brian Kempf
• Wilson Look
• Frank Lynch
• Steve Niederhauser
• Nate Rinfret
• John Radecsky
• Brian Siersma
• Vince Solie-Vilker

Texas Officials

• Ivon Isaac
• Keith W. Denebeim
• Douglas Dickson
• Dan Doyle
• James Fancher
• Jim Kennedy
• Chris Knight
• Ed Rose
• Donovan Stamps
• Andrew Windler

Hans Wittelsberger Joe Cronin, Kevin Oleary, and Tom Fitzsimmons served as observers.


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