Recap: 2019 NILOA Training Events

NILOA Coordinator of Training, Hans Wittelsberger.

NILOA's mission is to enhance the level of officiating of our membership. In order to accomplish this task in 2018 NILOA held eight training events throughout the country.

Members who participate in these events were observed by an experienced team of veteran officials, led by NILOA Coordinator of Training, Hans Wittelsberger.

Each year NILOA plans to conduct multiple clinics in locations throughout the country  in order to provide feedback to each official and allow them to improve their craft.

All information regarding these clinics is provided to assignors and posted to the NILOA Training page. If you wish to participate in a training event, contact your District Governor.

Here is a recap of our 2019 Events:

Vail Shootout

NILOA along with US Lacrosse completed the first training of the year at the Vail Shootout.  The training was a four day event from June 30th-July 3rd.  We had six officials attend from Districts 9 & 10.  Those officials were Nate Rinfret, David Pratt, Cole Sloan, Matt Ehrlich, Sean Harmon and Deron Hansen.  The observers were Bill Johansen, J.D. Doyle and Hans Wittelsberger.

US Lacrosse Ohio State University

NILOA along with US Lacrosse completed the second training event of the summer at Ohio State University.  The training was a three day event from July 19th-21st.  We had twelve officials attend from Districts 6, 8 and 9.  The officials were David Krok, Jay McCracken, Terry Nichter, Robert Lawlor, James Brady, Tim Hurlbut, Jason Johnson, Edward Rose, Nick Kohn, Tyler Mikolajewski, Matt Besler and Keith Johnson.  The observers were Brian Abbott, Tom Abbott and Hans Wittelsberger.

Thanks to all officials for working a lot of games on some very hot days!

 Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy

NILOA along with Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy completed the third training event of the summer at Goucher College.  The training was a three day event from July 26th-28th.  We had eighteen officials attend from Districts 3 and 4.  The officials were Jeremy Eldred, Bernie McMahon, Kevin Bevenour, Bhelly Bagbonon, Tim Duke, Brian Kennon, Bob Stevens, Victor Scomillio, Kevin Kelly, Trey Gelston, Jimmy Barraclough, Scott Walstrum, Brain Kearcher, Kyle Sheckler, Dan Miles, Zachary Clark, Michael Chicorelli and Chris Sepesi.  The observers were Brian Abbott, Buzz Lynn, Walt Munze and Jody Ticer.

Lake Placid

HEADStrong Hofstra

The following officials attended the Headstrong Hofstra event: Jeremy Eldred, Patrick Hill, Nick Kohn, Steve Niederhauser, Dave Pratt, Mike Schow

HEADStrong University of Pennsylvania

The following officials attended the Headstrong UPenn event:Keith Johnson
Tyler Mikojalewski, Dan Miles, Brad Shearman, Kyle Sheckler, and Bernie McMahon

HEADTStrong Lafayette

The following officials attended the Headstrong Lefayette event: Chris Sepesi, David Thompson, Scott Walstrum, Tim Hurlbut, Dan Hanafin, and Kevin Bevenour.

2019 HEADStrong Lafayette participants.

University of Tampa

NILOA completed the eighth and final training event of the year on October 27, 2019 at the University of Tampa.  We had fourteen officials attend and all of them did a great job despite the very warm temps!

JP Politano, Jim Shaler, Brody Sauers, Brian Mast, Kevin Paustian, Pete DellaVecchia, Tom Greig, Ryan Rowe, Sherwin Anderson, Mike Gossett, Rob Cavanaugh, Dale Hall, Tom Lewis, Clint Carter. Observers: Jody Ticer, Buzz Lynn, Walt Munze, Kevin O'Leary, Bob Pradella and Hans WIttelsberger.

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